OCTOBER 23 , 2018
Upcoming Edition: Oct 23, 2018
Location: CIRCL – Amsterdam, NL
Time: 09.30AM – 3PM


One of our most far-reaching topics yet, the Innovation summit will feature members of the denim supply chain that are disrupting and rewriting the rules for everything from how we make fibers and dye fabrics, to how we inspect our suppliers, how we dispose of our waste and how we make our garments safer for our bodies and the planet. Come and learn how technology, artificial intelligence, science and sustainability are bringing a new wave of innovation to the denim industry.

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Kingpins Show / Kingpins Transformers
CEO - Olah Inc., Founder Kingpins Show, Founder Kingpins Transformers.

Since 1976, Andrew has worked in textile development and marketing. Under his guidance, Olah Inc. has grown from a simple textile agency firm to a full-service textile company. In 2004 he created the Kingpins Show. The show now hosts editions in New York, Amsterdam and China and has spun-off related events, including Kingpins Transformers, committed to creating, implementing and sharing the changes that need to happen in the jeans industry.
Andrew Olah
Lead Director - Europe

With over 25 years’ experience as a Senior Software Executive, Mark has successfully grown several software companies in Europe from small beginnings to large global corporates. The primary focus of his career has been new business Enterprise Sales in high growth environments. Having led multinational sales and marketing teams, his vast experience within financial institutions, global manufacturers and global retailers, he now heads up the European operation for Inspectorio, Inc.
Mark W. O'Neill
Fiber Mark
Co-owner and director

Danielle has been a milliner for 25 years, has owned her own import fashion business, dabbled with her own denim line and owns a 65,000 acre cotton farm in Australia. To add to that she is the mother of four boys and immersed in the millennial and Gen Z era’s.

Danielle set out on a mission to have "real time" traceability for her cotton more than two years ago. She refers to her cotton now as “Threads of Responsible Innovation.” Her responsible innovation is FIBRETRACE, a patent pending revolutionary technology to embed brand signatures into fibres offering complete “real time” traceability for the supply chain.
Danielle Statham
Executive Director, Global Sales + Marketing

A 26-year veteran of the denim industry, Ebru believes in the collaborative power of the denim industry to design and manage new business models and has pioneered marketing in a B2B environment, as well as passionately constructing social missions where denim sits at the core of the projects. Her interests and expertise expanded from integrating technology into a traditional framework, narrating products and concepts, defining collaborative approaches to adding value where and when possible.

Ebru seeks to push the denim industry to the forefront of cultural, social, historical, technological, environmental developments and into new territories.
Ebru Debbag
VF Group
Director of Sustainability

Roian Atwood is the Director of Sustainability for Wrangler and Lee jeans. Atwood leads brand sustainability strategy, engages suppliers globally to drive greater social and environmental performance, and works cross functionally with product development and marketing to create more sustainable products and share brand relevant stories.

With fifteen years’ experience in footwear & apparel sustainability, his diverse project management experience includes implementing renewables and discovering energy efficiency measures to project managing materials innovation pilots and leading teams into an action-oriented, results driven approach to corporate sustainability.

Atwood’s undergraduate work was in Complex Systems with Naropa University, and he holds a Master’s of Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.
Roian Atwood
Officina 39
Andrea Venier was born 40 years ago in Biella, one of the most important textile areas of Italy. Once he completed his studies in chemical textile, he joined the family company Techna Italia. In 2007, he started Officina+39 (a division of Techna Italia), changing the traditional company path and focusing on technology and processes for denim and fashion apparel industry. Even though in the last years he has dedicated himself more to the Company Management, he has never lost his interest for research and development. In 2016, he developed with his team and patented an innovative technology called Recycrom (dyes derived from textile waste recycling).
Andrea Venier
Denim + Sustainability Expert

Adriana has been with G-Star since 2011 and her current role as Denim & Sustainability Expert is of an interdepartmental nature. She works across departments with the sustainability team to implement sustainable material targets and circular economy innovations within G-Star collections. To accomplish this, Adriana focuses on driving denim sustainability research, sustainable product innovation and internal and external education.

Adriana started a Denim Institute in 2008. In collaboration with other denim enthusiasts and educational organizations, its mission is to research the past, confront the present, and open doors to future innovations in sustainable denim design and production.
Adriana Galijasevic
Lenzing Fibers
Director of Global Business Development Apparel

Tricia is a well-known advocate for innovation and sustainability in the textile and apparel industry. Twenty years ago, Tricia joined Courtalds Fibers NY to develop the marketing plan for a brand new fiber called TENCEL. When Lenzing Fibers acquired Tencel Inc., Tricia became the USA Merchandising Manager for Womenswear, Menswear, and Intimates. Today, Tricia directs the Global Business Development team for US apparel brands and retailers, with a special interest in advancing more sustainable denim.

Her diverse experience make her an invaluable partner for brands and retailers who want to re-evaluate their supply chains and optimize the application and benefits of Lenzing’s botanic fibers.
Tricia Carey
Sedo Engineering
Managing Director

Herbert began his denim career in 1980 as part of a research team for the Italian company Legler. In 1987, Herbert founded a company where for the next 30 years he would focus on systems and technology for colour management, dye house automation, process optimization and energy management for the textile and leather industries. In recent years, his main focus has been sustainability.

In 2014, Sedo Engineering was founded with the aim to develop new technology specifically for the denim industry. Herbert is co-inventor of the Smart Indigo technology, which uses electricity instead of hazardous chemicals to dye indigo.
Herbert Guebeli
Indigo Mill Designs

A 40-year veteran of the cotton textile industry, Ralph has experience ranging from product development and technical design to dyeing and finishing and marketing for companies such as Cone Mills Corp., Artistic Fabric Mills and American Denimatrix. With Indigo Mill Designs, Ralph is focusing on commercializing the patent-pending process of dyeing yarn and denim with indigo foam. This technology will be targeting the denim industry under the brand IndigoZERO™.
Ralph Tharpe
Gavilan AD
Miguel is a textile engineer for the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has developed his long professional career mostly in the textile dyes and chemicals industry, being linked to the denim universe for more than 30 years. During this time, Miguel has taken different responsibilities over the years, ranging from application and production technician to head of business development in denim and casual wear segments.

Miguel has recently started a new challenging path, related to Denim as it could not be otherwise.
Miguel Sanchez
Rudolf Group
VP Textile Division

Dieter is a highly skilled and internationally experienced textile technician. Thirty years ago, he began his career as a Technical Manager at Hönel & Baumann Textile Printing in Austria. In 1998 he joined Dr.Th Böhme and spend the next 10 years in Africa working as the Sales and Marketing Manager Africa. Shortly after DyStar acquired Dr. Th.Böhme, he moved to Italy and took over the position as Business Manager Auxiliaries South Europe, later on he was leading the auxiliary business as Business Manager Europe, based in Germany. In 2017 Dieter joined the RUDOLF Group, one of the leading global companies in terms of innovations, including Bionic FC free technology.
Dieter Heine

Start Kingpins Transformers @ CIRCL – room 0

Introduction by Andrew Olah + Introduction CIRCL

Talk & presentation by Adriana Galijasevic – G-Star RAW

Talk & presentation by Danielle Statham – Fiber Mark

Talk & presentation by Tricia Carey – Lenzing Fibers

Talk & presentation by Roian Atwood – VF Group

Talk & presentation by Andrea Vernier – Officina +39

Coffee break

Talk & presentation by Miguel Sanchez – Gavilan AD

Talk & presentation Mark W. O’Neill – Inspectorio

Talk & presentation by Ebru Debbag – Soorty

Talk & presentation by Dieter Heine – Rudolph

Panel discussion: Herbert Guebeli (6) - Sedo / Smart Indigo, Ralph Tharpe (7) – Indigo Mill Designs, Hosted by Andrew Olah

Lunch break

Round table discussion with all speakers Hosted by Andrew Olah

End of Kingpins Transformers


October 23, 2018


Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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