Interview: Alberto Candiani
March 22. 2018
Alberto Candiani is the fourth generation of Candiani to work in the textile industry. Candiani Denim is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and is world-renowned for adding value from a marketing perspective for brands with its beautiful denim.

+ Why is Transparency relevant?

If you make things properly there is no reason why you shouldn't be transparent. Transparency is the only remedy to BS marketing.

+ What will you focus on during your Transparency talk?

I will focus on the environmental impact of denim production, the supply chain, and costings. Candiani runs a major textile operation in a Nature Reserve close to Milano, something which is rather unique. This year we will open the mill for the first time ever to end consumers, partners, press, and customers. The date is still to be announced, probably late September.

+ What person in the apparel industry do you consider inspiring?

Everlane as a brand/concept and Maurizio Donadi as an artisan.

+ What book about Transparency should the audience read?

No Logo by Naomi Klein.
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