Interview: Dr. Christina Raab
March 27. 2018
Christina Raab is globally responsible for the implementation and strategic regionalisation of the ZDHC activities - including the establishment and leadership of the Implementation HUB to enable improvements and innovation at scale and accelerate impact along the value chain.

+ What will you focus on during your Transparency talk?

How viewing the value chain from the perspective of chemicals management / sustainable chemistry can significantly drive transparency in the industry.

+ Why is Transparency relevant?

Transparency is a basis for accountability and trust of each stakeholder along the value chain. Additionally, transparency spurs innovation.

+ What do you want the audience to take from your presentation?

That they feel inspired and encouraged to continue the often-challenging work of creating transparency in their own supply chains.

+ What company outside of the apparel industry is doing a good job in regards to Transparency?

It seems that Tiffany & Co is making good progress regarding the provenance of their raw materials, giving the intransparent diamond and metal supply chains

+ What person in the apparel industry do you consider inspiring?

Since this edition of Transformers takes place in the Benelux: Bruno Pieters and his company Honest By - combining 100% transparency on supply chain and pricing with creative fashion design.

+ What book about Transparency should the audience read?

Taking “radical transparency” to a company culture, the book Principles by Ray Dalio.  

[Please note - these are personal comments and not views by or reflecting the ZDHC Foundation]
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